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*We are the agents for iSiMAR in ireland*

A modern hospitality furniture manufacturer since 1966, iSiMAR provides architects and designers with chairs, stools and tables in a colourful collection for outdoor, indoors

and contract spaces.

Their contemporary designs express versatility, quality and comfort, 100% manufactured in Spain with high-quality materials, resistant and reliable, and easily recycled/recyclable materials, such as steel and aluminum, which respect the environment.

We are delighted to be able to offer Kriskadecor metal wall art.

The versatile metal mesh allows any architectural or design projects to be different and refreshing. And it is not just about colour, it is possible to define shapes on both the structure and the curtains, which is why we can offer a completely customised solution to each of our clients. Metal wall art, this is where everything began. Kriskadecor makes a big impact on interior design. Reproducing images to create dramatic atmospheres using amazing partition walls or architectural space dividers of the space with a mosaic effect are just some examples of what is possible to do with our chains on fixed or moveable systems.

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