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Paint Your Home Office For Success

Match Your Wall Colour To Your Job

Most entrepreneurs who work from home spend more time in the home office than any other room in the house. Yet, when it comes to decorating, the office is often the last room in the house to receive any attention. Whether your spare bedroom doubles as an office space, or you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office, the way it’s decorated can impact your work.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest yet most effective changes you can make to a space. The colour on the walls alone can play a role in your mood, productivity and job performance. After all, the colours you choose affect how you feel. And how you feel affects how you think and behave. So choosing the right colours and decorations can impact the success of your business.

Our bodies react to color on a physiological level. The color red stimulates our appetite and increases our heart rate. The colour blue has a calming effect on the nervous system. Taking into consideration the physiological response of colour to the body is important.

Accent colors can be used to support you.

Orange can be a great accent amidst a calming sea of blue to help encourage some focus and direction. When we create a space that isn’t colour balanced - it has too much of one color - it can leave us feeling off-balanced as well. Incorporating accents is the perfect tool to create a balanced environment that supports your work efforts. Making sure you don’t end up with a rainbow of colour that can confuse you on an unconscious level is key.

I strongly urged clients to choose different colors from their home because it is beneficial from a psychological perspective to create a distinction from the work environment and home environment.

This is especially important in a home office. You need to be able to unconsciously transition from home to work and vice versa. This boundary will be an unconscious reminder to have healthy boundaries and balance in your life.

Blue may be the healthiest colour. Blue lowers heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Like green, blue is great for brainstorming and detail-oriented work.

Blue also: calms and soothes promotes trust and communication improves efficiency and focus

Bring some zen to your office by choosing decor and furniture in shades of blue.

If you find yourself feeling exhausted at work, orange may be the pick-me-up you need. Orange inspires energy and endurance, making it perfect for creative spaces.

Too much orange can stimulate appetite, so use it as an accent colour on walls or in decor. You don’t want your creative process derailed by a snack attack.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest yet most effective changes you can make to a space.

Blue may be the healthiest colour. Blue lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

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